Every special occasion requires that little touch of class to round it all off.

When it comes to a wedding, an affair typically already filled to the brim with class, it's not easy finding that one last touch to make it a completely perfect experience. The ride to the wedding venue is a crucial point in the day as it is the last thing the bride goes through prior to walking down the aisle. To keep the blushing bride in good spirits, travel to the venue should be done so in something other than a basic vehicle. Though it may be cheaper to just hop in a bridesmaid's car, the experience of a luxury limo ride to the event should be every bride's right.

Recommended Packages

Suite Night Out

  • VIP Host
  • Suite at Metropolitan Club
  • Dinner and drinks package at Dragonfly Restaurant in Za Za
  • Limo transfer from Za Za to Glass Nightclub
  • VIP entry to Glass
  • Limo transfer at end of evening back to Za Za
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Crusin Down the Avenue

  • VIP Host
  • Limo transfer to Cru' Restaurant including dinner and drinks
  • VIP entry to Lemon Bar
  • Limo transfer to Avenue
  • VIP entry to Avenue
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About Wedding Limousine In Dallas

Limousines have been a sign of class and elegance since their conception in 1902. The longer the stretch of the limo, the more prominent the passenger is said to be. On a woman's wedding day, while she should be riding in the longest limousine she can find her options in terms of what to ride in are quite extensive. Typically, the decision as to what kind of limo to get is dependent on the size of the accompanying party.

Dallas Limo Services offers a wide range of available transportation. Depending on the bride's tastes, the offered vehicles can range anywhere from the basics of a smaller Sedan stretch limo to the party-like atmosphere of the H2 Hummer limousine. Smaller, more intimate parties can make use of a modest Sedan, which offers basic leather seating and a privacy screen separating the passengers and the driver. Higher end Sedans may come with an on-board mini-bar and surround sound stereo system.

Bride's that have extensive bridal parties, or just wish for the luxury of more space, can look into Dallas Limo Services' more spacious SUV stretch limousine. The size of the SUV stretch limo varies, but higher end models can seat parties of up to 24 passengers large. On-board mini-bars, plush leather seating, and CD/DVD players make the SUV limo the perfect ride for the more fun-loving bride.

If fun is essential to your bride, but she requires more then just basic amenities, than she should be looking into the H2 / H3 Hummer limousines. With a capacity of up to 28 passengers, the H2 services a more party-centric crowd. With neon lighting, surround sound, a mini-bar, and a hardwood dance floor, the H2 offers the perfect atmosphere for a bride hoping to kick off her day with a blast. More subdued bride's looking for space and elegance can look to the H3, which offers a lighter mood with war fiber optic lighting.

The bride isn't the only individual that may need the services of a company like Dallas Limo Services. Depending on the length of the drive to the venue, guests may opt to arrive together in a large party bus to cut down on fuel costs and wear and tear on their own vehicles. Party buses range from basic rides to including an on-board bathroom, space for dancing, and full bar.

Whether you're a mild-mannered bride looking to round off the perfect day with a luxurious ride or more of a party animal hoping to start your day off a bit more wild, Dallas Limo Services can accommodate your needs.

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