Sedan Limo

Fits up to 3 passsengers.

There comes in a time in everyone's life where they feel the need to ride in style. Whether you're tying the knot with your beloved or wish to not have to pay outrageous parking fees at the airport, there is one form of transportation that anyone can turn to when driving just doesn't fit the bill. Known for its popularity with celebrities and other high class citizens, the limousine it's the perfect mode of travel when a little touch of class or style is appropriate.


  • Up to 3 Passsengers
  • Black or White
  • Leather Interior
  • Rear Passenger Controls for Radio
  • Seat & AC
  • 6 Inches Extra Legroom
  • Tinted Windows
  • Complimentary Newspaper & Bottled Water

About Dallas Sedan Limousine

Knowing what kind of limousine to procure is a feat in and of itself. Limo styles range anywhere from smaller, more private settings to full on party buses fit for up to twenty people. If you've been charged with arranging travel for any company executive or wish to partake in an elegant date night, then the Sedan Limo class is going to be your best option.

Best fit for smaller parties, the Sedan Limo can be rented out in varying styles. The Executive L Series town car offers up the most basic of transportation needs. With plush leather seating for up to three individuals, the Executive L Series is perfect as transportation to and from the airport. Though it offers no mini-bar or face-to-face seating, fully tinted windows allow for the same privacy as some of the high class styles while a slightly elongated cab gives room to stretch. Though the amenities are basic, the style of the Executive L Series can make any person feel like a celebrity.

If you wish to take the next step up in style or need something that can accommodate a larger group, the SUV Sedan offers both without risking loosing that "executive" feel. With seating for up to seven guests, the SUV Sedan is perfect for transportation of large groups. Due to its lack of amenities, with a CD/DVD player and surround sound being the only addition, the SUV Sedan works well for longer rides, but may not fit the needs of anything like a Bachelor party. With a large trunk, the SUV offers enough space to accommodate for that executive golf outing.

When space is a requirement and luxurious amenities are a much wanted addition, you'll want to look into the Executive SUV. With the Executive SUV, up to six passengers can enjoy plush leather seating, a spacious cab, access to a surround sound stereo system and DVD player, and a fully stocked mini-bar. The Executive SUV is perfect for bachelor parties, impressing that corporate executive from out of town, or just enjoying the perfect romantic night.

With the plethora of cost-efficient cab services that are available, limousine rentals need to offer top of the line transportation and amenities. Whether you're heading out of town, looking to enjoy a night on the town, or providing transportation for some corporate VIP's, the varying styles of the Sedan limousine offer the best experience for all occasions.

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