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Most companies, big or small, believe in the notion that bringing the entire company together in one large event helps keep moral at a high and is the best way to filter new information throughout the company. As an employee of one of these companies, the hardest thing you'd have to go through for one of these events is ensuring you brought enough socks to last the week. The event planner, though, isn't as privileged and is charged with arranging transportation, the venue, and refreshments. If you're the unfortunate soul with the job of organizing such an event, there are things you'll need to remember to make it a successful representation of the company you work for.

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Suite Night Out

  • VIP Host
  • Suite at Metropolitan Club
  • Dinner and drinks package at Dragonfly Restaurant in Za Za
  • Limo transfer from Za Za to Glass Nightclub
  • VIP entry to Glass
  • Limo transfer at end of evening back to Za Za
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Crusin Down the Avenue

  • VIP Host
  • Limo transfer to Cru' Restaurant including dinner and drinks
  • VIP entry to Lemon Bar
  • Limo transfer to Avenue
  • VIP entry to Avenue
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About Corporate Event Limousine In Dallas

Since most of the guests will probably be coming from out of town, you'll want to utilize the services of a company like Dallas Limo Services. The first thing to worry about is transportation from the airport. For cost efficiency when reserving a limousine, try to get as many incoming guests on the same limo as possible. If you can, renting one large Executive L series Sedan over several 3-passeneger Town Cars is a better tactic.

Once you've secured reservations for airport transportation, the next thing to worry about is the venue the event will take place at. While the number of expected guests is a large factor in choosing the venue, so should be what the venue offers. If you're lucky, the central hotel guests are staying at may have an event center, but make sure you don't sacrifice space and other amenities just for the sake of convenience. Venues like the Dallas Heritage Village and Eddie Deen Ranch offer spacious rooms for accommodation of large groups and on-site catering.

When it comes to food, the easiest way to go about things is to choose a venue that offers its own vast menu. Have in mind ahead of time whether the event is expected to have a fully catered dinner, some passed around hors d'oeuvres, or just a few baskets of fruit and some pastries. If the affair is to be catered by the venue, you may be able to score some catering discounts if you go with a lighter food arrangement.

Once you've got your venue taken care of, the only thing left to worry about is transportation to the event. Chances are, most out of town guests will be staying at the same hotel (which is more-then-likely decided by the company ahead of time). Since the event's participants will be centralized to one location, you can again utilize the services of Dallas Limo Service. If you'd like to fit as many guests as possible without loosing that professional feel, a mini-coach bus is your best bet. You'll get space and comfort without the amenities of a vehicle like an H2 Hummer limousine.

Though it may be difficult to plan an entire event, knowing exactly what you need before diving head first will give you the best start. Keep in mind the number of guests, the kind of event the company wants, and if you'll be offering a full catered affair or some light hors d'oeuvres.

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